Minomic CEO Dr Brad Walsh and US Commercialisation Lead Megan Henken presented at its US lab partner 20/20 GeneSystems’ ribbon cutting event in Rockville, Maryland last week to celebrate the commencement of CLIAx’s operations.

Last year 20/20 GeneSystems launched its Clinical Lab Innovation Accelerator (CLIAx), a shared CLIA laboratory facility geared to helping diagnostics companies reduce the time and cost of launching their tests in the US.

Minomic signed an agreement with 20/20 GeneSystems’ CLIAx team to provide lab services essential to bringing to market its MiCheck® Prostate test that is designed to detect aggressive prostate cancer.

Dr. Walsh says the partnership has been invaluable in helping Minomic launch its test in the US.

“To bring the test to the US we need a CLIA laboratory because MiCheck® Prostate is a laboratory developed test” he told the event audience via a video address.

“What better place to do that than in Maryland with our partner 20/20 GeneSystems. We hope that we’re the first of many companies that they are able to land in the US”.

“We have been really pleased with the interaction we’ve had with 20/20 GeneSystems. We’ve found them to be fantastic mentors, advisers and collaborators.”

Ms. Henken added: “There really are very few places in the world that can bring together such top-notch resources and expertise within the clinical diagnostics and research sector”. 

“For Minomic, Montgomery Country Maryland is an ideal location from a logistics, regulatory and reimbursement standpoint.  Plus, with support from local and federal government agencies, like NIH, FDA and the Maryland High Tech Counsel, we were pleased to find a partner like 20/20 GeneSystems and the CLIAx accelerator program”.

“We have been able to reduce our go-to-market timelines by 6-9 months, and in doing so, have saved an upwards of USD$2 million dollars in development costs.  These savings will enable our team to immediately deploy funds into the areas of marketing, sales enablement, payor engagements and research projects”