We had the opportunity to share Minomic’s journey from genesis of the company to launch of MiCheck® Prostate in the US market with 360Dx, a leading media outlet for the diagnostics industry.

CEO of Minomic, Dr Brad Walsh, highlighted the clinical utility of this revolutionary test that assists in differentiating the risk of aggressive and non-aggressive prostate cancer. A major milestone in the commercial launch of MiCheck® Prostate in the US has been completed with the onboarding of the test at four large urology practices.

Dr Walsh noted that the test “is not a diagnosis in itself,” but rather a decision tool to help clinicians determine the need for a biopsy and “getting as much information as you can in that workup” for their patients.

A couple of our favourite excerpts from the 360Dx article:

“Minomic has established a US subsidiary which operates a CLIA Certified “High Complexity” laboratory in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The laboratory is able make MiCheck® Prostate available in most parts of the US. Walsh noted “MiCheck® Prostate is protected by multiple patents”. The test combines the measurements of three protein biomarkers and clinical factors in an algorithm to provide a patient’s risk of having aggressive prostate cancer.

“Minomic aims to raise US$10 million to accelerate the company’s expansion. Most of this capital will be invested in US commercial efforts, with the balance supporting commercialisation in Australia.”

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