Minomic International Limited recently attended the Genitourinary Cancers Symposium which was held in San Francisco and presented data from their latest study on the diagnostic test the company has developed to assist in the detection of aggressive prostate cancer.

Principal Investigator Dr Neal Shore took attendees through the study: MiCheck® Prostate Blood Test for Aggressive Prostate Cancer Designed for the Clinical Lab Setting.

MiCheck® Prostate is a patented algorithm that analyses the relative concentration of specific protein biomarkers and one clinical factor, to estimate the risk of a patient having aggressive prostate cancer. It is designed to assist urologists in making more informed decisions when considering a biopsy for their patient.

Dr Shore said: “Clinicians are always desirous for a diagnostic tool that can more accurately detect aggressive prostate cancer, and this optimally identify patients for prostate biopsy.”

“For a biomarker test to risk stratify for prostate biopsy decision-making, it should have high sensitivity and clinician friendly implementation.”

“This study sought to measure the performance of MiCheck® Prostate across multiple platforms.”

Minomic CEO Dr Brad Walsh added: “It was great to have Dr Shore present the poster to a US audience ahead of the test becoming available in the country later this year.”

“Biopsies are a painful procedure and the wait for a result can cause anxiety both for the patient and their family. It is estimated that about two million American men undergo transrectal biopsies each year to diagnose prostate cancer. About 1-3% of these can lead to sepsis and death, while 250,000 are diagnosed with prostate cancer.

“The US will be a key market for MiCheck® Prostate and we will be making announcements on a number of key appointments and initiatives in the coming weeks.”

The full MiCheck® Prostate poster can be viewed here, for more information please reach out to the team here.