We are Minomic

Developer of novel cancer diagnostics

We have developed MiCheck® Prostate for prostate cancer


A series of clinical trials have shown MiCheck® Prostate yields more accurate results than existing blood tests for aggressive prostate cancer.


MiCheck® Prostate fills a major need in prostate cancer detection to follow on a reported elevated PSA level. It allows better triage of patients by differentiating aggressive cancer from non-aggressive or no cancer before an invasive and expensive biopsy.


Company Pipeline Development Summary

Minomic's Development Pipeline

Company Background

We are based in Sydney, adjacent to one of Australia’s leading universities, Macquarie University, and the Macquarie University Hospital, one of our key collaborators.

Our reach is global, through partnerships with universities, research institutes, and companies.

Our experience is backed up by independent experts in oncology, awards of multiple research grants, a major innovation prize, and investment backing of over A$27 million to date.

Extensive intellectual property

Minomic owns an extensive patent estate protecting our distinctive technology. All the intellectual property relevant to our technology is owned by us.

Our investors and funding support

Minomic is an unlisted public company.

Apart from equity investment, other sources of funding include:

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